Student Chapters - General Information

Tsinghua University, School of Civil Engineering, Institute of International Engineering Project Management, China P.R.



The CIB Student Chapter at Tsinghua University was established in May 1999, thanks to the intensive efforts of Dr. Rick Coble from the University of Florida and Dr. FANG Dongping from Tsinghua University. At the time of establishment, the Chapter comprised fifteen members, six of them were postgraduate students, the rest were senior undergraduates. All the members were majoring in construction engineering and management in the Department of Construction Management, School of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, and were simultaneously members of the China Civil Engineering Society (CCES). Since its establishment, the Chapter has organized a series of activities concerning development and problems of construction engineering and management all over the world, of which the most successful one is the 2nd CIB International symposium ‘Sustainability and Innovation in Construction and Real Estate’ in Tsinghua University in October 2004. In 2005, we also associated with the Student Chapter at Queensland University of Technology for 3 rd CIB Student Chapters International Symposium in Australia.




The scope of the Student Chapter includes but is not limited to:

  • Construction technology and development
  • Construction management methods and technology
  • Construction safety technology and management
  • Policies and enforcement related to the construction industry
  • Real estate investment and benefit research
  • Contract management and bidding
  • Project risk assessment and management
  • Project quality standard and management

The objectives are as follows:

  • To enhance communication and exchange of research and academic works between the college students majoring in Construction Engineering and Management in Tsinghua University and other Student Chapters and Commissions of CIB.
  • To seek opportunities for cooperation and support for the Student Chapter at Tsinghua University from the business community and other sources in the construction industry all over the world, in order to help students who are interested in building and construction to develop their academic interests and research work.
  • To accomplish other responsibilities as may be required by CIB.


The CIB Student Chapter at Tsinghua University focusses attention on the following programs, but is not exclusively limited to it:

  • To organize seminars and lectures given by experts from China and other countries
  • To exchange research progress and opinions with CIB counterparts through email or distance meeting
  • To send papers to and attend conferences organized by CIB
  • To undertake visits to other universities and/or research institutions
  • To provide internship or part-time for members in projects under construction


Students who desire formal membership of the Student Chapter must conform to the requirements below:

  • Have an interest in research and academic work on building and construction
  • Fulfill the responsibilities required by the Student Chapter
  • Take part in an interview by the Coordinator and President
  • Attend the activities organized by the Student Chapter
  • Pay the membership fees as required
  • Secure the approval of the Coordinator and President



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