Student Chapters - General Information

Huddersfield University, School of Art, Design and Architecture



The University of Huddersfield is an associate member of CIB located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. The proposed student chapter will be a university-based student chapter at the School of Art, Design, and Architecture of the university.




Objectives of the chapter will be;

Encourage students who will be the future leaders of building research and innovation, with current leading building researches

Provide a platform to exchange knowledge, research skills, and experience within the chapter and towards other local and international research communities

Introduce students to the advantages of CIB membership in their future professional, research, and innovation careers

Take-part and conduct workshops, seminar, and symposia to promote research interests of the students    


These objectives are developed to attract sufficient members to ensure the critical mass and to maintain the going concern of the chapter. Also, adequate promotion and advertising will be carried out by the respective officer to make sure the adequate inflow of members. The chapter is potentially beginning with 8 members and they are presently all Doctoral student at the University of Huddersfield. However, on the success of opening this chapter we wish to publicise the chapter and get more students from both undergraduate and master levels to join.


Programme and Output

The CIB student chapter’s activities including both national and international will be planned in order to support the actions related to its research projects. Those activities will be devised, especially, considering potential links with CIB Commissions in order to foster collaboration and exchange of knowledge between Student Chapters and the expertise of members of those Commissions. One of the main focus of this participations will be CIB events, including the various commission meetings, workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences. 

Research outputs and publications developed within the CIB student chapter and by its members will be disseminated in the chapter’s website and other available medias. Once a year, the CIB student chapter of University of Huddersfield, will produce a newsletter or similar vehicle for communication with its membership and externally. The CIB General Secretariat will facilitate the external dissemination of such a newsletter. 


This chapter will be open only to the postgraduate and undergraduate students of the University of Huddersfield, who have interests in research and innovation in the built-environment related subjects.



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