Student Chapters - General Information

Free State, Central University of Technology



The Central University of Technology, Free State Department of Built Environment is a growing institution that has changed from the then Technikon Free State to now CUT, FS. The current CUT, FS has reached a 10 years anniversary last year in 2014. The University is going through a transformation at the moment where it is strengthening its research agenda and growth of postgraduate students.

The department of built environment only offers qualification to a Bachelor’s degree at the moment, though plans are in place to implement postgraduate studies commencing in 2018. Postgraduate degrees are taking place through the collaboration of the department of civil engineering. The department’s strength in research is handled in the Unit for lean construction and sustainability below. 

Researchers across faculties in CUT are busy with discipline specific sustainability and efficiency studies. Lean construction and sustainability, either explicitly or implicitly, advocates efficiency at the process level.




The central University of technology, Free State, has been a member of the CIB, but limited tot he staff of the University. Based on the numerous benefits that could accure to students, such as networking with other CIB members (sutdent and non-student), acces to current leading edge Building and construction researches, and Innovation worldwide. Familiarising the students to the concept of sustainable build environment related to their practice upon graduation, it is important to introduce the council tot hte students. Further, it will afford participation of students in regional and local activities, and to initiate self programmes.


The chapter's programma aims to:


  • Provide targeted forums for disseminating and sharing of research skills and research findings for the benefits of its members.
  • Produce a newsletter/vehicle for the CIB Student Chapter on a regular basis (at least one per year).
  • Establish and facilitate joint research activities between members of different CIB Student Chapters in the Africa and overseas.
  • Support CIB events bij encouraging student members to attend and to submit research papers for presentation and publication at such events.



Members of the student chapter will be current undergraduates and postgraduates students of the institution.

Administration of the chapter - this is relative to keeping the following records: student database, student contact details and feed. This task will be assigned to one of the officals of the chapter.



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