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Porto, University, Faculty of Engineering - FEUP



Founded in 1926, FEUP is one of 14 faculties at the University of Porto, which is the largest university in Portugal.

The Research Unit CONSTRUCT – Institute of R&D in Structures and Construction results from the fusion of two existing research units, the Laboratory for the Concrete Technology and Structural Behaviour (LABEST) with the Construction Centre of Studies (CEC), both settled in the Civil Engineering Department (DEC) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

The Research Unit CONSTRUCT implements their scientific and technological research activities based on the following 6 Research Groups, with a lifetime of 12 years and sound recognition in their fields of expertise: LABEST - Laboratory for the Concrete Technology and Structural Behaviour, LESE – Laboratory of Seismic and Structural Engineering, ViBest – Laboratory of Vibrations and Monitoring, LFC – Laboratory of Physics of Constructions, GEO – Geotechnics and Gequaltec – Management and Technology of Building Construction.

In the period 2015-20 the Research Unit CONSTRUCT will focus it's the scientific activities on the following Thematic Lines:

  1. Safety, risk assessment and mitigation;
  2. New construction materials. Recycling and valorization;
  3. Structural health monitoring of energy and transportation infrastructures;
  4. Railway infrastructures;
  5. Diagnosis and rehabilitation of built and historical heritage;
  6. Energy efficiency, comfort and moisture in buildings;
  7. Construction management, maintenance and life-cycle assessment.



Faculty Advisor

Vitor Abrantes


Student President

Miguel Araújo



The DEC/FEUP CIB Student Chapter aims to enhance postgraduates students' skills, particularly in regards to international collaboration and information exchange concerning research and innovation in the built environment.

Within the research interests of FEUP/DEC, CIB Student Chapter will conduct its activities with the following aims:

  • To improve the contact and benefits with CIB's task groups and commissions (especially CIB W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environments and CIB W104 – Open Building Implementation);
  • To expand our research networks within and among student chapters;
  • To promote the awareness of CIB and CIB Student Chapters
  • To provide opportunities to further improve relationships among postgraduate researchers from PRODEC/FEUP;
  • To identify and exploit more opportunities on developing our skills and capabilities.




CSC-DEC/FEUP is the CIB endorsed Student Chapter of the Civil Engineering Department (DEC) at FEUP - Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal. CSC-DEC/FEUP Members are postgraduate, graduate and research students (undertaking a research-based activity) at the DEC/FEUP. All postgraduate students in the PRODEC - FEUP automatically become CIB Student Chapter members upon registration.



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