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ASOCSA-CIB - Association of Schools of Construction of Southern Africa



At the recent meeting of the Heads of the Association of Schools of Construction of Southern Africa (ASOCSA) and at a recent CIB SCC - Student Chapter Committee Meeting, it was agreed to establish a joint ASOCSA-CIB Sub-Saharan Africa Student Chapter (hereinafter referred to as the “ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter”) with membership based on the current member institutions of ASOCSA plus other CIB Member Universities in the region.




The object of the ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter is to: provide a forum by means of which postgraduate and undergraduate students at ASOCSA member institutions will be able to engage with and be inspired by current leading edge building and construction research and innovation worldwide, and to appreciate first hand the value of international exchange and co-operation, participate in joint ASOCSA-CIB regional activities such as the regional annual student competition and introduce these students to the benefits of CIB membership so that they are convinced of the value of maintaining membership of CIB in their future professional research and innovation careers.


The ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter will control its own programme of activities, which may include regional and international activities. In the case of international activities the ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter will clearly relate to CIB’s potential for linking with Other CIB Student Chapters CIB Commissions and Task Groups in order to foster collaboration and exchange of knowledge between Student Chapters and the expertise of members of these Commissions and Task Groups CIB events including the various Commission meetings, workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences CIB member institutes.


All members of the ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter will be enrolled in an ASOCSA member institution and / or CIB member institution in Sub-Saharan Africa All members of the ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter shall be current undergraduate or postgraduate students. Administration of the ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter, including maintenance of membership records, will be carried out by specified officials of the Chapter who will notify changes to the CIB General Secretariat on request to ensure the reasonable accuracy of the Student Chapter database that CIB maintains for the ultimate benefit of CIB Student Chapters. The ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter will from either its Council or its Heads Forum elect or nominate a Student Chapter Advisor, the details of whom will be provided to CIB as an additional means of contacting the Chapter.


The ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter will arrange for the financing of its activities in its own way with assistance from ASOCSA These sources of income may include: a. Membership fees b. Financial support from ASOCSA member institutions c. Sponsors


The ASOCSA-CIB Student Chapter will, on a regular basis, and at least once a year, produce a newsletter or similar vehicle for communication with its membership and externally. The CIB General Secretariat through the Regional Directorate will facilitate the external dissemination of such a newsletter

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