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Mara, University of Technology .., Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, Malaysia



The Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying - Universiti Technologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia brings together 280 academic staff with expertise in building, architecture, quantity surveying, building surveying, estate management, landscape architecture, surveying science & geometics, park & amenity management, town and regional planning, and interior architecture. The Faculty considers research to be an essential activity in the development of both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. The faculty maintains an appropriate and distinct range of research activity with a major feature being partnerships with industry, commerce and other academic institutions in Malaysia and overseas. It is firmly committed to the concept of "the environment as a multidisciplinary subject"; the style and shape of the research activities reflect this theme. The Faculty offers a host of postgraduate research programmes including MSc, MPhil and Ph.D. There are currently over 400 postgraduate and registered research students. The Faculty also maintains strong research links with many research institutions, including Salford University, UK; University of Malaya, Malaysia; International Islamic University, Malaysia; Arizona State University, USA; RMIT, Australia; University of Reading, UK; AIT, Thailand; Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia; and Chualalungkon University, Thailand; to mention but a few.


Within the postgraduate community, many of the activities currently undertaken are comparable to those recommended to be provided by a CIB Student Chapter. For example, postgraduates and researchers meet informally and formally to discuss issues regarding their research and facilities. Similarly, workshops/seminars are held to discuss many research issues, including “Research Methodology". Members of academic staff and external guest speakers are often in attendance in such workshops/seminars.

At the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying (FSPU), postgraduates and researchers are encouraged to attend and deliver papers on their research subjects at CIB Working Commission and Task Group events and conferences.

The FSPU welcomes the challenge and opportunity that a CIB Student Chapter offers within its research environment and is prepared to provide available resources necessary for the CIB Student Chapter to flourish.




The objectives of the Student Chapter are to:

  • encourage the development of the research interests of its members
  • encourage and enhance communication and exchange of research and academic work among its members
  • encourage and provide opportunities for networking among research students and to develop research leaders
  • facilitate and promote joint research and academic exchange with other national and international CIB Student Chapters and the global research community.


The Committee is active in organising regular research seminars led by invited experts. In addition, internal seminars based on the progress of individual researchers are held regularly throughout the year. This forum will also be used for the development of further activities such as liaison with industry and site visits.

The Student Chapter aims to:

  • provide targeted forums for disseminating and sharing of research skills and research findings for the benefits of its members
  • produce a newsletter/a vehicle for the CIB Student Chapter on a regular basis (at least two per year)
  • establish and facilitate joint research activities between members of different CIB Student Chapters in Malaysia and overseas
  • support CIB events by encouraging student members to attend and to submit research papers for presentation and publication at such events
  • actively encourage other CIB member institutes to establish their own CIB Endorsed Chapter.


The CIB Student Chapter at The Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying - Universiti Technologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia, will be open to all postgraduate and research students, who have a strong interest in research and innovation in the built and natural environment.


The Joint Student Chapter of CIB will have limited start-up financial support initially provided by The Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying - Universiti Technologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia. However, the Student Chapter is expected to organize its events on a self-financed basis in the long-run. Within the Student Chapter there is also a possibility of including local and national sponsors for the financing of the activities of the Chapter.


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